Monday, October 20, 2008

Price's 1st day of school

Price completed his first day of school with flying colors. His teacher, Mrs Kathy, said that he was so sweet and is going to be a great asset to the class. She said that he was singing "his heart out" when they sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider." She also said that he played wonderfully with all the other children. GOSH!!! My little man is in "big boy school." Tomorrow he will start riding the bus. I WILL get pictures of that!!!! I am sure I might cry seeing him taken away by the "cheese wagon." HAHA!!! Tomorrow will be Sophie's first day going to school by herself :( Sophie and Price have been together since Sophie was born. Price would hold Sophie's hand and bring her to her class every day. Now she will have to go alone:( I am sure I am more upset than she will be!!!!

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avtcoach said...

I came to your site though another parent's site. What an amazing blog post about your little girl. She is precious and I get excited when I read about parents who make this kind of commitment to teach their child to listen and talk. I could see the smile through your words as you talked about activation day! I am very happy for you and wish you joy in the journey!