Monday, October 20, 2008

Price's 1st day of school

Price completed his first day of school with flying colors. His teacher, Mrs Kathy, said that he was so sweet and is going to be a great asset to the class. She said that he was singing "his heart out" when they sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider." She also said that he played wonderfully with all the other children. GOSH!!! My little man is in "big boy school." Tomorrow he will start riding the bus. I WILL get pictures of that!!!! I am sure I might cry seeing him taken away by the "cheese wagon." HAHA!!! Tomorrow will be Sophie's first day going to school by herself :( Sophie and Price have been together since Sophie was born. Price would hold Sophie's hand and bring her to her class every day. Now she will have to go alone:( I am sure I am more upset than she will be!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Price starts Pre-K

Back in August Price was evaluated through the Livingston Parish School Board, for developmental delays due to his hearing loss. He was found to have some mild delays in speech do to his hearing loss which made him eligible for services through the school system. He qualified for speech therapy, a teacher of the hearing impaired, an audiologist, and assistive technology. Due to an opening he is also eligible for a spot in a reversed mainstream Pre-K class at a local elementary school. This is a class that is compiled of "normal" developing peers along with children with special needs. This class is for 3 and 4 year olds; therefore, Price will attend this year and next. I think he is going to do great. We had our first IEP meeting on Tuesday and I was VERY happy with all that was written out for Price. I could not believe how detailed and organized it was. His teacher and his therapists seem to be on target with Price's needs. I was very impressed. So we decided that he will start on Monday. YAY!!! I am kinda nervous but I know this is going to be a great step in his educational life. I am very thankful.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sophie's Activation Day

Sophie, Molly (my sister), Amy (my sister), and myself drove down to New Orleans last Friday for Sophie's activation. For some reason I was VERY nervous. I was so curious as to what was going to happen I suppose. The appointment was actually a lot more calm than I was expecting. Claire, Sophie's audiologist, is the sweetest ever. She was so thorough with everything she was doing and telling us. She first explained how the processor worked and how to put it all together and all the different ways Sophie can wear it. Then she pulled out this HUGE box of stuff that went along with it. WOW, that was pretty overwhelming. I am still scared to open it. The "box" is not to be touched by anyone but me! When Claire initially put the processor on Sophie and then turned it on, Sophie turned to me and smiled. I knew she was hearing something. That was sooo exciting. Then my sister's and I were like, "Sophie can you hear me," "Sophie, say MaMa," "Sophie, say "Molly." HAHAHAHA!!! Sophie was smiling and playing with all the toys the entire time. After a while, she did get tired of being in the room so we decided to give her a break and walk around a bit. Her processor is HOT PINK!!!! The cutest thing ever. It matches her Hearing Aid she wears in the other ear. After leaving the mapping session we went shopping at the local mall and I was very nervous leaving the "box" in the car while we shopped. And I was also nervous about her having something so expensive on her ear and walking around the mall. I am so scared we will loose it!!!! But I have found out it doesn't fall off very easily. Although, after getting back to my sister's house that day, Sophie was playing and ended up standing really closely to one of her walls in her kitchen. Come to find out some of the walls in my sister's house have metal on top of the wood but under the paint (unable to see by looking at them). Well when Sophie walked away from the wall, the processor and the coil were stuck to the wall and Sophie was saying "Uh, Ohhhh" and pointing at the processor. It was really funny!!!! It gave us a good laugh. I am very pleased with how Sophie is doing since being activated. There are 4 programs we are to go thru by the time we go back to her second mapping. We are already to the 4th program. Sophie has never minded me increasing the volume or jumping to the next program. Although I do find she is A LOT more tired at the end of the day. So all in all, I am VERY happy I made this decision for her. I can't wait for her AV therapist to see her on Friday. And to hear what she has to say about Sophie's progress in one week. WAY TO GO SOPHIE JANE!!!! MOMMY IS SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!!