Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Sounds for Sophie

Over the course of the last month, we have begun to notice when Sophie is hearing something new or for the first time:) We play a listening game where when she hears something, she makes a surprise face and points to her ear. Either the HA ear or the CI ear. Here is a list of the surprise face sounds:
her brothers playing in the back of the house!
the water running in the kitchen sink!
my blinker on my van!
my cell phone ringing!
door bell ringing!
the horn on my car!
water in washing machine!
microwave and the "bing" when food is ready!
Gosh I am sure there are more! It has been so exciting to see her face when she notices a new sound. It is like watching her take her first steps again and again! Her AVT says she is doing wonderful!!!!! They are having to come up with new goals because she is flying thru the ones they have already set for her. She is making me so proud!!! Way to go SOPHIE!!!