Monday, November 9, 2009

Price will be getting his first CI

We had our first visit with Price to see Dr. Molony last Friday. Dr. Molony agreed that it is time for Price to begin his journey for his first CI. We found out about Price's hearing loss in May 2008, two months after he turned 3. He was diagnosed with a mild sloping to moderate loss in both ears. Since then his loss has progressed and now it is moderate-severe sloping to profound bilateraly. He has worn Siemen hearing aids since June 2008. He was placed in a reversed mainstream Pre-K class and has done GREAT. He has had speech therapy twice a week for the past year and a half. But with his progressive loss he is still missing those hard to hear sounds, s, th, f, and p. I am a little nervous because he is older than Sophie was when she was implanted. I feel that since he is older it will be more tramatic for him. I am also nervous how he will accept the CI. Being he has had the capability of hearing thru his hearing aids for the past 17 months. This will not change my mind in getting the CI, but my concerns are different than they were when I decided to get both of Sophie's ears implanted. I am very excited for Price. This will only boost his life in so many ways! I am eager to see the Nucleus 5 up close!